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Snoring Is a Silent Killer Health Articles | May 11 Andrei Vasilevskiy Russia Jersey , 2015

When Is Snoring Dangerous?

There are some indicators to see whether or not you are at risk of fatal snoring. For instance Semyon Varlamov Russia Jersey , if you have hypertension or high blood pressure, then you may be in danger. There are also some who may have inherited a narrow throat naturally, or perhaps have enlarged tonsils or adenoids which may cause a block on the airway.

Take note that males are statistically found to be twice as prone to develop sleep apnea. Adults who are over 65 years old are expected to experience about twice or thrice the chance of getting this condition. The use of sedatives, alcohol Sergei Bobrovsky Russia Jersey , or even tranquilizers that are used to relax throat muscles may also lead to blockage.

Possible Solutions

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