#1 RuneScape - I could have dug up all the bone by myself von wfuuopy 28.09.2021 10:12

Arcane blast necklace: 10% boost in magic Again, wizard mind bomb; the necklace increases fire blast up to 176. I find this useless for pvp, if you die, which you likely to do, you lose the 15k tokens that you have saved. I for one will not get another 15k tokens. Arcane stream: Better for members, but still below par. Prayer Necklaces. Twisted bird necklace. It's not useful in pvp.

Split dragon tooth: Same as above, but it requires 60 dungeoneering; okay for members, I suppose. Demon horn: You need 90 dungeoneering: by that time, I could have gathered so many prayer potions to last me a lifetime.Non-category. Longbow sight: This is actually very excellent.

Bone crusher - I could have dug up all the bone by myself, and I could reach a higher prayer level, if I could have the time. The Amulet for Zealots is ineffective. You're done. Tome of frost Once I've got the tokens I need, it is possible to gather enough water runes so that I fill up my bank account. Magical box thingy, which is a lot more expensive than other pendants with arcane designs that require 40k tokens.

Gravite weapones. Shortbow: Might as well get the longbow sight. Everything else is at the same level. Everything else is equally. Finally, what do you think of the rewards for dungeoneering?

I have had good success with my build that is ranging so far. But I would like to hear your suggestions on how to improve. Build so far: 57 att, 55 str. Full rune, with gaunts and serker protection. Full d'hide, with a d'hide comb-over available. I have never noticed a significant difference. The main weapons include the maple longbow (sighted), and a rune scim. There is also an armoured shortbow and lightly armored targets. Kayle's sling, crossbow and bolts are for fools who try to pull silly tricks on me.

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