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Liao learns a soldier to originally think that Mo Tai always will continue to show off, after all, have wealthy money and not vulgar looks, should enough brains just right.But he didn't speak, this person understood very much of the Lian suppress and seem to be not too to want to arouse bad impression of others.
Old Liao has to say:"Leave one very important don't do, that was the big art match's attraction for student.Have no attraction to have no interest, more can't someone take part in, very some originally some students of artistic talent will also put the energy to the other item, football game for example will soon hold, inside in the school still has a mountain climbing, boxing, swims, the baseball, tennis is more than ten associations, I a few days ago saw under, connect study of ancient relics to so living the associations of Pi all someone, a lot of students aren't likely to concentrate the attention to the art.
The other people all think that he will say to pull funds what of, unexpectedly put forward the review committee meeting talk point, cautiously on weighing, discover he say really actually count for much, not from big is in different light.Sun Ping Hai says:"How do we draw on a student?"
"In fact ……the student's essential thought concern to arrive very in many ways with layer of, idol and fad are the biggest to the influence that they result in, if you have to hold to sing a big match, at least will half people register.Moreover there is also the influence to come from father generation, person in the home loves stem what they usually also embrace good will to that matter, the influence of the classmate, friend, social influence, these can not neglect, we what to want to do is the change of the palliation their standpoint, let them feel that the art is a very cool matter, then the of classmate vies with each other in climbing a ratio ……
Lyu Kai interrupts a way:"If can please to arrive Mu to permit ice rain and cypress You the heavy star like the city to say 12, I like the words of art, what the matters all directly fixed, the student liked with breeze and be like at that time in 90's, the young men of whole country all stay medium cent head, not just from Hong Kong how many stars spread there?"
Liao learns soldier's eyes a bright, is about to lend a machine embodiment oneself of all-powerful, the contact cypress You city not in context of present discussion, Mo the Tai always say:"If this matter can go, I think that I can invite Mu to permit ice rain help."
"What?"Not only is Lyu Kai Jing to pour, 78 students all rounded to come up:"Teacher Mo, you does the understanding Mu permit ice rain?Can you want her signature for me?""Teacher Mo, your heel doesn't permit ice rain what relate to?Reveal for a while?"
"Ha ha medium, in fact I and ice Ms. Yu is privately a friend, begging her to help a matter should reckon without.Sign Yao, as long as she is free that definitely becomes, ice Ms. Yu is a very kind and genial person."
Mo Tai always touches the head saying with smile:"The Zhou makes oneself look to make open not and so, but inside that self-satisfied strength and Liao learn a soldier to brag about, old Liao used a fart eye lo to also come out.
Threaten!Rises to of red of guard!Claim to be to have exchanges with big star, current money again handsome man, in Lyu Kai Yan is no longer by chance intrude into a set of Wei will help so in brief.
The eyes of the masses are fixed on don't dare to show his/her own thought under Lyu Kai, can observe first, but the affair is always urgent, see this Mo the Tai coming in blustering and menacing manner and observing again for several days, perhaps being about to observe their beds up.Luckily Su ice cloud combines nothing important reaction and declare the person of iceberg beauty how could for one D does the small matter change countenance?The some teacher's 9,999 roses enough shocked last time, can somebody else Leng is none of eyes to blink for a while, you lift a head of big star to calculate what, point uncertain or brag to blow out.
"Like, since teacher Mo knows those what big star.We come right away establishment for a while star effect ground strategy."Sun Ping Hai seems to be also to think that this plan can go and say:"Although I am never the old headman that a sees star, can know to make the people come to school to ascend Gao Yi Hu, absolutely impossible.Want to think in brief practical method creation star effect."Li Xing Hua is tiny tiny a smile:"Teacher Mo, you not is know Mu to permit ice rain?Let her broker deliver a public notice on the official site to say the recent spirit of Ms. Yu of ice ascend to paint, our a few students then redistribute the news to the campus net, match with some stir-fry to make, art nature hot.Since not bother ice Ms. Yu, also not the fee is much effort."
"Good idea!"The many people all call.

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