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All merchants order cigarettes in the same way to make a small amount of money. If tobacco sells cigarettes at the purchase price, the merchants will not make any money. Tobacco companies will also give merchants some compensation Cheap Cigarettes, but this is very rare. It costs money. The retail price is the price set by the tobacco company, and it must not exceed the price set by the tobacco company. One of the most important tasks of the tobacco company is to ensure that the cigarettes on the market are clearly marked. The main reason is that we want to unify the price so that the tobacco owners can make more money. For cigarettes with relatively few circulation on the market, in principle, they are sold at the recommended retail price Carton Of Cigarettes, but cigarette holders are also allowed to increase the retail price appropriately, and cigarette holders are never allowed to sell below the recommended retail price. In order to attract traffic, some smokers sometimes lower the retail price appropriately Marlboro Gold. Tobacco companies will consider this behavior to disrupt the market. The work of clearly marking prices is simple and complicated, and it is difficult to supervise the daily work of tobacco companies. So I always recommend that the cigarette factory print the suggested retail price directly on the cigarette pack when it leaves the factory.
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